Translations Unlimited
      South America

TUSA is a first class translation and virtual, bilingual secretary service that specializes in providing interpreting and translating services from English<>Spanish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), French, German, Italian.  

We translate technical documents for all industries, such as telecommunications, environmental, communications, food and beverage processing, automotive, electrical, engineering, computer software, medical, irrigation (turf, golf and agriculture), legal and many more.

Translating services are unlimited and include: product manuals, catalogs, corporate brochures of products and services, employee manuals, proposals, websites, blogs, CDs and marketing materials, such as press releases and public service announcements.

TUSA prides itself in the accuracy of its final products by conducting extensive and authoritative research.

We are available for travel. Our rates are competitive and we offer discounts for new clients and long-term projects.


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